Rock Ridge Paintball does not require a deposit. Alternatively, we process a credit card pre-authorization the same, simple way a hotel or rental car agency secures a booking. A pre-authorization of $100.00 is usually performed to secure your booking. The only time a "deposit" is held is if a guest chooses to secure their booking with cash or a cheque. We only accept cheques from schools, teams or any other non-profit organizations.
    We offer a very generous and flexible rebook and cancellation policy with YOU in mind. Cancellations and rebooks are allowed right up to 72 hours before your booking time without penalty. Cancellations, rebooks or no shows, within 72 hours of your reservation will be charged. Groups arriving with below the minimum number of players will be charged the balance if they choose to play.  If they group chooses not to play the cancellation fee will be charged.  Rock Ridge Paintball Games reserves the right to cancel or rebook groups for reasons such as safety, weather or equipment operation. In the event that Rock Ridge Paintball Games cancels or rebooks your group your credit card is not charged.  Moblie Laser Tag events can cancel or rebook up two weeks before the time and date of their booking and receive a full refund.  Events cancelled inside of two weeks will receive a 50% refund.
We do not play paintball or laser tag in unsafe conditions. If we call you to cancel due to unsafe weather there is no charge to your credit card. We play rain or shine so please don't assume the games are cancelled unless you hear from us. We monitor the weather closely but unfortunately, we cannot control it. Cancellations or delays due to thunderstorms etc., during the event are not subject to refunds. Delays and cancellations due to safety concerns are at our discretion as your safety is our first concern.
Rock Ridge Paintball and LaserTag Games is a seasonal business.  Our season generally begins in mid-March with a "Soft Opening" depending on weather with out official season opening mid -April.  Please see our "Hours of Operation" tab on the home page.
To validate our insurance it is mandatory for all players to sign our waiver before they play.  Waivers will be provided at the field, however, if some of your players are under the age of 18 parental consent must be granted.  If this applies to you, our waiver can be downloaded for parents to sign on behalf of their children!  Click here for our printable waiver.  
Rock Ridge Paintball Games is conveniently located only 10-15 minutes north of Saskatoon between the growing cities of Warman and Martensville! We are very easy to find and you will enjoy a comfortable drive on pavement right up to our turn off!  Use caution when following online mappng serives like Google Maps.  Directions may be inaccurate with these services and is beyond our control.   Just click on this link to view our directions.  
Rock Ridge Paintball Games offers fun, affordable and very competitively priced Paintball and Laser Tag to suit any group large or small.  We often offer many great promotions for you to take advantage of as well! Our prices are simple, straight forward and easy to understand.  Our friendly and trained staff ready to assist you, we are confident you will find value, along with with uncomprimised safety and service you deserve - only at Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games!  Just click on this link to take you to the price area!  Check out our Price Gaurantee on the main page too!
Most people already participate in a sport that is less “safe” than paintball, like football, basketball or even fishing. Industry safety standards like paintball masks, barrel plugs, and limits on paintball gun velocities help prevent injuries. The fact is less than one person out of every 4,000 who play paintball will end up having to go to the doctor for a paintball-related injury. This includes things like ankle sprains or scratches from falling in the woods. On the other hand, one in 33 people who play football will end up visiting the hospital each year.
Of course, getting hit by a paintball can leave a welt, but it is usually no worse than the bumps, bruises, and scratches that people get doing other things.
Paintball is safe even for fairly young preteens. Responsible commercial parks will carry liability insurance and provide trained direct supervision covering players as young as 10 or 12 (depending on the field).  According to statistics, playing on a commercial field is safer than playing at home. Most commercial fields, including Rock Ridge have rules, guidleines and game facilitators to further promote safety.
   On the other hand, when people play paintball in unestablished fields (for instance in their backyard, or in the forest or unsupervised), it is up to players to make sure they follow common sense procedures. Unfortunately, they often don’t. The majority of paintball-related eye injuries occur in unestablished fields, because players don’t follow safety rules.
  Does paintball hurt?  Honestly, sometimes. It depends on how fast the ball is traveling, where it hits, whether it breaks or not (balls that just bounce off tend to be more painful), and what kind of clothing the paintball players are wearing. Sometimes people don’t even feel a hit. But even when it does hurt, it is usually just a quick sting – the kind of thing that makes a person say “Ow!” and then forget about a few seconds later. Some hits come back to remind paintball players of their adventure hours, or even a day, later – as a bruise. These bruises might feel a little sore or tender to the touch.  Fear of pain is probably one of the biggest factors stopping people from trying out paintball, when it shouldn’t be. Yes, occasionally more serious injuries occur, but they are rarer in paintball than in most other sports. If someone bruises more heavily than other people, wearing layers or using a vest can make a big difference.
LaserTag is similar to paintball in the sense that you get the same adhrenaline packed indoor or outdoor experience, without shooting paintballs.  Laser systems at Rock Ridge don't actually send a laser beam, but instead send an infrared signal to act as your ammo.  Infrared signals are completely safe and are not harmful to the eyes.
Laser Tag is very safe.  Simply put - it is paintball without the paintballs.  We use a brand new, advanced tag system that looks just like a paintball marker but is equiped with a transmitter/receiver instead.  An infrared beam is fired when you pull the trigger on the marker giving you a realistic kick and pop just like the real thing.  The infrared signal emitted from the unit is not harmful to the eyes.  You do not have to wear sweaty hats or headband receivers found at other parks either! 
The minimum age to play paintball is 10 years old. The minimum age for Laser Tag is 6 years old!  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or gaurdian sign their insuance waiver.
You must make a private booking for the remainder of 2019.  Walk-ons have been discontinued for the season.
• If you are coming out to enjoy paintball, be sure to wear clothing you are not concerned about.  Paintball paint is water soluable and generally does not stain but there are too many fabrics to test them all, and you never know where they will land.  We will supply you with protective gear and a mask with your rental package.  We do not allow any other form of eye protection.  Only masks certified for paintball will be allowed on the fields.  No exceptions.  Clean, laundered coveralls are available to rent for your visit at a very reasonable price.  Click here for rental information.
 • If you are playing Laser Tag you will need only to dress appropriately for the conditions.  Our laser tag system does not use bulky, sweaty receiver hats or vests so dress comfortably!  It is advisable to over-dress with layers rather than under-dress and be uncomfortably cold.  Rock Ridge Paintball is open rain or shine so consider bringing rain gear too!
Airsoft players must wear a full seal, airsoft or paintball rated goggle with strap at a minimum.  Full-face protection is highly recommended.
Rock Ridge Paintball sells a large selection of brand sodas, coffee, hot choclate, energy drinks and of course lots of bottled water.  We also sell chips and bars.  If you are planning an afternoon at Rock Ridge Paintball Games you are welcome to bring your own food and drink (except alcohol) for your event.  All we ask is that food and beverage not be brought onto the playing fields.  There will be plenty on hand for purchase at a reasonable price.
As much as we'd love to allow alcohol we simply can not.  Rock Ridge Paintball is dedicated to your safety and paintball and alcohol don't mix.  In addition to this, we are bound by both insurance and Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming regulation.   Unfortunately, players found to be intoxicated will not be permitted to play.  We have a zero tolerance policy on alcohol for your protection and the protection of our staff.  No refunds will be issued. 
   If you have a special event you would like to plan at our facility a special event liquor permits can be obtained from SLGA.  Please contact us for assistance if you are considering such an event.
At Rock Ridge Paintball Games we play in just about all weather conditions.  We are capable of playing paintball in the rain and snow and laser tag in wet weather too.  Our paintball equipment operates well in most conditions right down to -15C!  We do play in light to moderate drizzle or rain and/or snow not associated with a published local weather watch or warning.  We do not play either paintball or laser tag during electrical storms or weather warnings or extreme adverse weather. 
Private bookings  - If you choose to cancel or reschedule your visit due to what you may feel are unfavorable conditions for the event you planned, we encourage you to do so 72 hours before your booking date to avoid a pre-authorized charge to your credit card or in absence of a credit authorization, loss of cash or cheque secured deposit.  Rock Ridge Paintball may call you inside of 72 hours to cancel or rebook due to what we assess as "unplayable" conditions. In this case there is no charge to you.  Please do not assume your booking is cancelled due to weather unless we have contacted you. 
  **Our weather promise - If weather causes an outright cancellation during your pre-booked private event, we will provide a full credit if the event is under half way completed or a 50% credit if the event is over half way completed, for a rescheduled event at a later date during the same season.  Unfortunately, since we cannot predict the weather or control mother nature, we do not provide refunds.  Off-field delays due to passing weather deemed unsafe by our staff are not eligible for refunds or credits.
 Paintball and Laser Tag is fun in just abut all conditions! It’s a matter of minutes before you forget all about the weather and begin enjoying a ridiculous amount of action and adrenaline!   If you are still not sure, call us any time to discuss your concerns.
Yes. You are welcome use your own marker and equipment. All we ask is that you are familiar with your marker and know how to service it and adjust the velocity. All markers must have their velocity set to 270 feet per second or slower at Rock Ridge Paintball Games. A chrono station is on site. Refs will check velocities with handheld chronos if excess speeds are suspected. Rock Ridge Paintball Games will not be responsible for damaged or lost personal equipment.
 If you are concerned about theft or leaving your equipment or paintballs out, consider that our Safe Zone is staffed at all times during single and multiple bookings.  If you are still uncomfortable, try using one of our complimentry lockers located in our Safe Zone.  Bring a lock and lock up your goods if you choose.  Lockers available first come-first serve.
You may bring your own mask as long as it is a mask designed specificly for paintball. No other forms of eye protection will be allowed. Eye and ear protection are paramount and the importance of this can not be underestimated. Proper eye and ear protection and marker safety are our number one safety priority!  For airsoft, only ballistic rated, full seal banded goggles or paintball masks are allowed.
Sorry but unfortnuatley we do not allow paintballs to be used at our facility purchased from another supplier.  The reasons are 1. due to the different types of fill some types of paintball fill do not wash off bunkers and structures and cause a mess inside rental equipment.  2. Selling paintballs is one way a paintball field generates revenue.
Yes and no.  Rock Ridge Paintball Paintball Games is a seasonal business.  Our outdoor adventure park closes for the regular season but we often hold winter events depending on weather and will remain open when when the weather is mild.  Over the winter we still offer exciting Mobile Laser Tag Games!  Watch our website for information for weather closures or coming events.  Consider us for winter staff events, Holiday Parties, Festivals and more! Follow us on Twitter too at https://twitter.com/RockRidgeYXE or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Rock-Ridge-Paintball-Games-303237060002/ for field updates and news!